Our Mission

Typisch Deutsch e.V-Team

Typisch Deutsch e.V. (“Typically German”) is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-religious association that brings together people of 19 different ethnicities (including Old-Germans) and seven different religious backgrounds. We focus on educational projects and work closely with politics and political institutions.

What has commonly been accepted as „typisch Deutsch” desperately needs a new definition. In Germany today, various languages, religions, ethnicities and cultures exist together – a diversity we highly value, as it holds many opportunities to prove what is actually “typisch Deutsch.”

We respect all people living in Germany as they are. Our goal is to promote and encourage a mutual tolerance and respect towards all. Additionally we discuss our experiences to create unity and togetherness to all residing in Germany. We want to shape a society together. In doing so, action is taken through use of the principles specified in our very own “Typically German Basic Laws”.

What we do:

We create meeting and idea platforms. From the requests, suggestions and ideas collected through these platforms, projects and events are created and planned out. All of our events are videoed and photographed and then posted to our social media sites.

Through our actions, we motivate others around us and hope to raise their awareness of personal strengths and abilities to inspire a change. Once people realize their ability to create change, a sense of responsibility for our society arises – a feeling of togetherness.

We encourage and demand problem-solving thinking and action. We know that we can accomplish far more together than alone.


Thanks to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, we are able to announce our current activities and events and keep in close touch with our large supporter base.

Many of our projects allow us to reach out the public and have conversations with them. For example, our project “Deutschstunde” (German Hour), encourages students in 8 – 10th grade to participate in society, specifically in areas of politics, social and sustainable development. Through this project, the students brainstorm and discuss interesting, practical answers to contemporary issues together.

In every e-newsletter we cover current social issues and offer solutions and suggestions to these issues.


Enthusiastic reactions tell us that many support our ideas and value our dedication to changing the concept of “typisch Deutsch.” Ten months after the founding of Typisch Deutsch e.V., we acquired a broad support base and get even more daily.

Our oldest member is Klaus, at 83-years-old. Many write to us and express their excitement about the efforts Typisch Deutsch e.V. does. We’ve received exciting feedback from young and old, which encourages us to continue our work and provides us more ideas of what else we can do. Numerous prominent advocates, such as Maria Böhmer, Klaus Wowereit, Michel Friedman, Kool Savas, Alpa Gun, Flying Steps, Bahar Kizil, Naika Foroutan and Sinan Akkus, have shown their support for our ideas and our mission.

The overwhelming amount of feedback we’ve received shows us that there is a real need for these discussions and programs in our society. Most importantly, this feedback shows us that we are on the right track in doing so with Typisch Deutsch e.V.


Come join us!